nagisa documentation

Nagisa is a python module for Japanese word segmentation/POS-tagging. It is designed to be a simple and easy-to-use tool for NLP beginners and has the following features.

  • Based on recurrent neural networks.
  • The word segmentation model uses character- and word-level features.
  • The POS-tagging model uses tag dictionary information.

After installing nagisa by the command $ pip install nagisa, you can use a Japanese tokenizer and POS tagger in easy way.

import nagisa

text = 'Pythonで簡単に使えるツールです'
words = nagisa.tagging(text)
#=> Python/名詞 で/助詞 簡単/形状詞 に/助動詞 使える/動詞 ツール/名詞 です/助動詞

# Get a list of words
#=> ['Python', 'で', '簡単', 'に', '使える', 'ツール', 'です']

# Get a list of POS-tags
#=> ['名詞', '助詞', '形状詞', '助動詞', '動詞', '名詞', '助動詞']